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Slope Top Reverse Tuck End

SKU: pcb10028

Slope top reverse tuck end boxes are easily recognizable due to their discrete structure. This four-dimensional box is different due to the slope shaped lid cover of the box, which is why it is called slope top. The material used in box formation is cardboard or bux board; they are layered multiple times in the form of sheets to make the package durable and secure. These boxes are used to carry lightweight items like food or medicines, but slightly heftier products are manageable too. The appearance speaks for the product inside the packaging. The different appearance of slope top boxes can perfectly fit the products of the same shape. Custom boxes have made the task easy to get a packaging style of choice. The size of the box can be changed depending on the required space, and printing can be done on the box that is useful to spread awareness about your product and company.

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