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Seal End With Perforated Top

SKU: pcb10081
Seal End with Perforated Top is the multipurpose storage box, made of the high-quality finest and sturdy material to protect your fragile, small and tear able products. This feature makes this box useful for storing small items which are doubted to be lost. These boxes are based on full overlap seal end style of packaging. The perforated cut is present on the front panel for easy tear away.

let’s fold it up by following the direction below:

•    The first step is to fold up a pre-glued flat container into a tube.

•    Then, Dust flaps on the bottom panel go inside.

•    Fold in one bottom panel and then the other one overlap. Remember that gluing the seal is required.

•    After this, the dust flaps on top panel goes inside.

•    Fold in one top panel and then the other one overlap. Gluing the seal is required in this step too.

for technical information please click following link. thanks

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