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Regular Six Corner

SKU: pcb10038

Regular Six Corner box is a multipurpose commodity. It is commonly used for the packaging of food items, but it is also useful for the packaging of several other items. This type of box is made of high-end cardboard stock. The thickness of the cardboard stock varies from 12pt to 24pt. These boxes are shipped to the customers in a flat shape. This protects the stiffness of the cardboard stock and also makes the shipment process quick and easy. Restoring the box in its actual shape is an easy task because the side panels or the holding sides of the box are already glued and all you need to do is to fix them at the right place. To restore the box in its actual shape, follow these steps;

i.    Turn the Internal flap panel and rear panel towards the bottom panel

ii.    Turn the front panel towards the top closure panel

iii.    Tuck in the side panels into their dedicated slots and your box is good to go.

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