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Punch Partition

SKU: pcb10055

Punch partition is a separate interior gadget for a box. It is placed inside the container for more secure and protected packaging. Commonly it is used for the shipment of breakable items. It is made from excellent quality paperboard and is specially designed to defend the delicate goods from hard shoves. Punch partition clearly explains itself that it helps with separation of multiple items in one package. It works because of the holes inside the surface sheet which holds an item each. The size of the hole matters here according to your product placement, and it can be made in different shapes such as square, rectangle, oval, star, circle, or any of your desired shape. This one-piece partition sheet is named because of its use. It provides a guide to maintain and occupy the given space in the best useful way without wasting your time in packaging. Easily adjustable and removable these ordinary sheets can help you save your expensive glassware items.

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