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Panel Hanger Snap Lock Bottom

SKU: pcb10065

The solution for lightweight plus good-looking items that need to be displayed is introduced. Panel Hanger Snap Lock Bottom is designed similar to reverse tuck end style, with additional doubles layered display panel extends vertically from the back panel. It comes with a hanging feature which is supported by a small hole punched on the both layers. It is ideally used for small, light products. It belongs to a family of display boxes. It has a sturdy bottom to make sure that products are secure and does not fall out while the box is hanged on the wall at some height. These boxes can be customized into any shape and size. They are generally utilized for medical, cosmetic or grocery items. These boxes are delivered in flat shape to the consumer. Flat shaped cartons are easy to ship, store and handle. It’s assembling into its original shape is an easy process. By following these simple directions, you can get your required shape.

  • Fold up pre-glued carton into a tube
  • Fold in dust flaps on the bottom panel
  • Tuck in the bottom panel and lock up friction locking tab.
  • Fold down the upper part of the fifth panel to overlap position
  • Fold in dust flaps on the top panel
  • Tuck in head panel and lock up friction locking tab.

for technical information please click following link. thanks

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