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Gable Box Auto Bottom

SKU: pcb10075
Not just a totally new packaging for gifting purposes but also helps in packing food items and garments inside the gable Box Auto Bottom. These boxes not only protect other products but also keeps the food items fresh for a long time. It is a unique, beautiful box made with the most elegant and eco-friendly material. These boxes are built naturally with ample space inside them, and they have a smooth and durable one-piece handle on the top that helps in carrying the box. They are easy to store in a flat shape. They come in flat form and do not need any manual guide for assembling into the original required shape. The mounting of these boxes is as easy as one two three. The first step is to Fold up pre-glued flat carton into a tube, the bottom panel automatically seals. The second step is to Bend both the top panels until both the handles are overlapped. After bending both the top panels, continue with Bending one locking tab and lock handle panel. Than Bend the other locking tab and lock handle panel. At the end flip over the wrap-up flap of the handle and your box is constructed.

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