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Full Flat Double Tray

SKU: pcb10053

Every day new types of items are being sponsored by the companies, and for holding them, it is essential that new styles of boxes are also introduced. A full flat double tray is an innovative addition in the list of boxes which has become a necessity for people in their daily routine. These boxes are shipped out flat and can be assembled with little instructions. The box has one base, two side wall lids, two side flaps, four closure flaps, 1 top lid and four tabs on each end with lock cut-outs in them. Following a set of steps results in shaping the box and making it capable of holding items.

  1. Hold the four closing flaps on the side walls and steer them towards the inside of the box
  2. Flip the side walls around the base so that the box can come in its rectangular shape
  3. Lock the box by placing the flaps containing lock cut-outs in each other.

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