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Four Corner With Display Lid

SKU: pcb10031

Four Corner With Display Lid box is a unique packaging solution which displays the product in a safe yet presentable way. The box includes four corner tray and a display lid which is folded from the center that makes the lid to fold into half and gives your products or items a proper display. Such boxes are made with sturdy cardboard stock that keeps the products inside them safe and sound. These boxes are shipped to the customers in flat shape and can easily be assembled by hand. You need no prior training to make the flat boxes regain their original form. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps;

•    Fold in the closure panels

•    Fold in the side panels

•    Fold in the front and rear panels and tuck in the closure panels into their dedicated slots

•    Fold in the top closure panel and the front tuck flap

Your Four Corner With Display Lid box is ready in its perfect shape.

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