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Foot Lock Tray

SKU: pcb10052

Trendiest of all the designs that are available in the market, these boxes are making their mark in the list. They are getting more noticeable with each passing day as people are getting to know about their uses in areas food and garments. No glues are used to attach the walls with the floor. The locking system that joins the whole box and keeps the walls from falling apart is the use of side panels. Two side panels are extended from the base panel, and each of these panels further equips two closure panels at the top and a side panel on the side. All these flips are folded in a specified set pattern that makes the box take its proper shape. These locks are very secure and easy to assemble, thus making foot lock tray a good packaging choice. These boxes are trays that do not come with a lid; therefore, their usage becomes defined to specific fields of production.

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