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Five Panel Hanger

SKU: pcb10066

Hanger boxes have a basic cut out or additional hanger at the top so that they can be hanged anywhere. Custom five panel hanger boxes can be personalized in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs to fit every packaging need. Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and kraft paper are used to make these boxes as they are sustainable, strong, durable, and cheaper than any other packaging material. If you want to create that strikingly distinguished image in the market, five panel hanger box is the perfect option for you. Panel hanger boxes are called so because of their unique structure. They include five major panels that are folded and glued together to secure them. It has an extended die cut hanger tab to hang these boxes. There are auto-lock or tuck end flaps to make a secure closure. Effective packaging is the one that is attractive yet informative. These boxes provide adequate space for all of your necessary information and alluring designing.

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