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Double Wall Tuck Top

SKU: pcb10022

If the requirement of your packaging is for items that need to be displayed in a safe way, then Double Wall Tuck Top is the right packaging you need. This packaging is well-known for displaying delicate food items, costumes, and makeup items. It is made with heavy duty cardboard that serves the purpose of display and keeps the products safe quite efficiently. The top tray is stretched into three lock flaps that competently get creased and slipped in right till the bottom of the lower tray to guarantee effectual bolting of the box. Double Wall Tuck Top can be customized into any shape and size. This type of boxes is delivered in flat shape to the customers to ensure that the sturdiness and the original form of the packaging survive the shipment process. This flat shaped helps the boxes in shipping by saving the space. The procedure of assembling of these boxes into its original shape is quite easy. Anyone can join them by following these simple steps into the required shape.

•    Fold in the dust flaps on the bottom panel

•    Tuck in, closure panels on the bottom panel and side closure panel

•    Fold in the top flap on the top panel

•    Fold in the rear panel and front panel to overlap position

•    Tuck in top tuck flap on the top panel

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