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Double Wall Tray

SKU: pcb10051

These boxes are mostly used for carrying light-weighted items as they are made out of double walls that are an important feature for these boxes. Folded in such a manner, the cardboard of these boxes shapes up in a fort like a shape with impenetrable walls to guard the item on the inside. These boxes are created in a flat form with all the necessary parts folded down to make the shipment easier than other products. Made out of a flat base, these packages have four thick and heavy walls that stand on its top. The lid of this box is removable as it is not attached directly to the box itself. Most of these boxes are used in the retailing, and that is why these are made out of thick heavy cardboard that does not lose shape even when a certain amount of pressure is applied to them. The styling of each double wall tray is made more comfortable with the use of good quality material.

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