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Box With Hanging and Locking Tabs

SKU: pcb10067
Box with Hanging and Locking Tabs are the perfect choice for the products that need a prominent display. They are very handy and fashionable for packaging and carrying them is also easier than the other wrappings. The lock tab adds more security to the items. These tabs are specifically designed to put your product at a place where it is not only visible easily but also takes very less space. In this way such packaging can help you put more things to display in less space. Since the hanging and locking tab is inflexible, the things inside them also remain safe from dust, sunlight, and shocks while transporting from one place to another. These tabs can be ordered in different finishing style which includes; transparent, shiny, metallurgic, and simple laminated styles. In order to ensure the safe and perfect delivery, these tabs are shipped in unassembled shape. However, they are very easy to assemble and can be done manually.

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