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4 Corner Tray With Lid

SKU: pcb10033

four corner tray with lid boxes. These boxes look similar to six corner boxes. There are two glued flaps on the lid but only two glued flaps on the tray while no glue on both of the middle closure flap. These boxes are ideal for the packaging of cakes, frozen food items, electronics, and household goods. These boxes also belong to the family of display boxes because the products incased could be displayed for maximum appeal. Commonly manufactured and shipped in flat form but can be easily assembled into its original shape. The first thing you are going to take in the assembling of the flat carton into your desired box is to lift up the already glued flat folder lid. Continue with flipping over the two side panels of the tray to a vertical position. Now, fold in two dust flaps of the tray. Fold up adhered lids. Finally, fold down the lid and cover the tray.

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