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1 2 3 Bottom Display Lid

SKU: pcb10032

Living in an era where the packaging says more about a product, it has become difficult for the manufacturers to select an appropriate and appealing packaging for their products to increase their sale. Another task is to design a unique packaging that makes your product distinctive while standing among other products. 1 2 3 bottom display lids are the kind of boxes that are used for numerous purposes and can be customized to their fullest. The factor that makes any packaging get selected while placed between other hundreds of packaging solution is their sturdiness. These boxes are stronger in nature and are able to protect your products against any wear and tear. These boxes are easy to carry, and their ample space lets you store more products inside them. Its stronger bottom lid is competent in bearing the weight of your products. Boxes with lids are automatically more appealing as they are good at keeping your products safe inside the box. These boxes are manufactured and shipped in a flat form, and their assembling is as easy as one two three. The first step to convert your carton into a box is to fold up pre-glued flat carton into a tube, the bottom automatically seals. The dust flaps on the top panel go inside. Continue with tucking the top panel in the tray. The last step is to fold back top panel in display position and lock with dust flaps, and your carton is ready to be utilized for your business needs.

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